Monday, March 18, 2013

Finally in Universal Class: Hobbies, Writing, and Legal Issues

Genealogy 101 Cake Decorating 101
Images from Universal Class

So far I have been focusing on what the library's subscription to Universal Class has to offer businesses, students, employees, and individuals concerned about health.  This week is all about fun.  Perhaps your hobby is listed below. If not, no worries; dozens more are listed here.  Please read this post about how to sign up for Universal Class.

Dog  Training
Bird Watching

Card Games

Sewing 101

Pie Baking 101

Candle Making

Genealogy 101

Feng Shui 101

Introduction to Gardening
Introduction to Music Appreciation
Journaling and Memoir Writing 101
Photography 101
Poetry Writing 101

Wedding Crafts and Projects
Wedding Planning 101

And this wraps up my series of  posts exploring the free-to-you classes available through your public library's homepage.  Thanks for sticking with me!

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