Monday, March 11, 2013

Speak up for Libraries' Access to Ebooks (and craft requests for Children's Library)

If you have not yet heard, there's a controversy out there.

Many of the newest, most popular books, are not available to libraries as ebooks.  Some that are have prices (to libraries) that might cause your jaw to drop.  Luckily, action is possible now.  Several websites are hosting information or petitions. Facebook has a group.  [Did you know Facebook changed the rules recently on "liking Pages"?  Now you not only have to like the page, but then, on that page, click on the little box with a gear and select "add to list"--and you may need to name that list the first time--in order to ever see that page's posts in your regular news-stream.]

One library advocate made a short video, comparing which titles you are accustomed to seeing in hardback at the library and which are still not available to libraries electronically. or

The blog where this video first posted is:
It is one place to keep current with developments on this issue.

One library system is leading the charge.  Here is their specific list of actions to take:

Does this affect you? Let us know in the comments or chat with us during your next visit.

P. S.: The Children's department hopes to collect stacks of the following items for this year's Summer Reading Programs crafts:
styrofoam trays (the kind under meats or produce at the store)
oatmeal containers
metal coffee cans (1 to 2 lb and 5 lb)
scrap 2x4s (about 5 inches)
net bags (the orange mesh around fruit and root vegetables)
everlasting flowers, or fresh flowers to dehydrate into everlasting displays
And just as a reminder: the rolls in wrapping paper or paper towels
the lids on juice bottles or milk jugs

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