Monday, January 14, 2013

Do you run a business? Or think about it?

[Edit note: on January 30, 2013, I edited all the class links in the bottom list to open inside the Ruidoso Public Library's subscription so you can get the free access with your library card number now. My apologies.]

Ruidoso Public Library is full of resources specifically selected for a community like Ruidoso or Lincoln County, where new businesses, small business, home-based or online businesses are the heart of our economy.  Whether you are an employee, the manager, or an owner, the library has *Free* classes that you can take at your convenience.  The next several posts will explore different sets of courses, including health, homeschooling or GED preparation, New Age/Spiritual/Religious Studies, Writing, Law/Legal, and many different hobbies.  Over 500 courses are available, and I won't describe them all, but if something takes your fancy, feel free to stop by the library for assistance, if the links don't work, or to let us know about a subject that is missing.

Before I list courses, I will try to explain how this works.  The library subscribes to Universal Class so you may log in with your library card number, for free, anytime, day or night, any day of the week.  If you have not done much online, one of the first things to do is learn how to take an online class.  These courses have videos to watch and listen to, or just read the text articles/lectures.  Each section may take from 15 minutes to an hour, depending on how new the material is for you, and how many of the supplemental links you explore.  There are assignments, quizzes, and exams, which are graded.  At the end, there is a document you may print or email as proof of the time you spent.

Search for a company, type of business, etc.

What does this mean for you?  As an employee, it might help you feel more confident making phone calls or facing difficult customer situations.  As a manager, assigning a course might help you provide employee development or address a specific safety concern.  Maybe you are desperate for a pay raise, but need some strong evidence to prove how you are applying yourself in ways to help the company.  These courses require the self-discipline to apply yourself, but you can do all the segments at once, or spread out over days and weeks (up to six months).  Outside of your time, they are free.  And if you don't have the home computer/internet thing yet, you are welcome to use the public stations at the library.  This is a slow time of year and we can help you get started on the computers, though you do need an email address to create your Universal Class account.  If enough people comment below, or call the library, I can look into a class on creating your first email account, too.

Over 500 online courses to learn on your own time

For employees looking to improve their resumé or support a request for an increase in pay:
Interview Skills
Customer Service
Personal Protective Equipment
Work Place Safety
Waiter or Waitress Training
Telephone Skills and Quality Customer Service

For managers' skill sets:
Payroll Fundamentals
Marketing for Small Business
Employment Law Fundamentals
Personal Protective Equipment
Work Place Safety
Worker's Compensation
Understanding Business Administration 101

For business starters/owners:
Small Business Guide
Pet Sitting
Home Business Guide
Start a Concierge Service

Of interest to all types:
Sexual Harrassment Compliance
Bookkeeping and Accounting for all
Accounts Payable Management
Accounts Receivable Management
Anger Management
Assertiveness Training
Confidence Building
Negotiation Skills
Dealing with Difficult People
Retail Business 101
Creating an Effective Sales Team

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