Monday, March 25, 2013

DIY AR finder (RSVP for April touch screen class)

A few weeks ago, the ladies in Children's mentioned how many parents ask for reading suggestions for their children, but also want to know the Accelerated Reading (AR) score and level.  Cheryl and Kari Dawn are happy to help, but often very busy.  Luckily, another librarian created a 3 minute video explaining the process.  If you have not visited the children's webpage lately, the links are there to the video, the ARbookfinder website, and the blog post where I learned about it.

The AR Bookfinder is not linked to Ruidoso Public Library's catalog of books available on the shelf.  Are you a coder interested in developing an API (code or program) to link them?  Currently, anyone is welcome to look up the book or level you are interested in the bookfinder, then take the title to the library's catalog to see if it is available.  Alternately, find many books that catch your eye at the library, then look each up at the bookfinder website.

Ideally, AR helps motivate reluctantly learners to adopt a lifelong habit of reading.  When this is not the case, there are many more avenues to try.  Audiobooks let active kids hear and learn new vocabulary in context and keep up with their peers' reading level, or multitask homework with chore time, athletic events travel, or just a chance to run around.  Disclaimer: don't cross the street without removing headphones or earbuds, to listen for cross traffic.  Visual learners may revel in graphic novels, such as illustrated classics or a biography of Steve Jobs.

 Book Jacket                 Book Jacket

Summer Reading Programs, such as Cheryl's and Kari Dawn's, are a great way to keep up the reading habit between school years.  Students retain more information year-on-year and start learning new material sooner each fall when they participate in Summer Reading Programs.  Keep an eye on the Children's and Teens' pages on our website for details on when and how to sign up, a calendar of events, and this year's grand prizes.  Last year, one reader won an e-reader, several won bicycles, and even a hefty gift certificate.

P.S.  April 16th, at 10 am, Robert Walshe and Jennifer Stubbs will have a beginners' orientation for touch-screen devices.  RSVP by April 9th at 575-258-3704 or by email, or even comment below, with the type and size of device you have.  It's on our calendar, too.  Apples, Androids, Windows 8, smartphones, tablets, and mediaplayers (such as iPod touch or Galaxy) are all welcome.

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