Monday, March 4, 2013

Also in Universal Class:Education (GED or Home schooling)

Remember Daylight Savings Time begins next Sunday, March 10.  The clocks "spring" forward one hour.

How to Teach Reading Fundamentals Algebra 101: Beginner to Intermediate LevelChemistry 101 Legal Secretary 101
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While the name Universal Class tries to express itself fully, today's blogpost digs into the school-age focused options, simply to clarify.  Some of the courses are designed to involve both parents and children or teachers and students, rather than ask kids to enroll and work online directly.  Some courses are targeted at older students or non-traditional students approaching the GED from many different levels of experience.

You are welcome to try any class; age is no object.  Whether your interest or need is for science, mathematics, grammar, history, or another language, I hope you find something useful.  This is not the complete list, by far; peruse other options here.

ABCs of Algebra
Algebra 101
Basic Math 101
ABCs of Geometry

ABCs of English Grammar
English Composition
Basic Research Skills
Essay Writing 101

ABCs of Physics
Biology 101
Astronomy 101
Chemistry 101

Geography 101
American Civil War 101
American Revolutionary War 101
American Government
American History Review
Ancient Civilizations 101
Economics 101
Economics 201

Computer Basics 101

ESL Basic Grammar
ESL Basic Writing Skills

First Grade Curriculum 101
Second Grade Curriculum 101
Third Grade Curriculum 101

GED Test Preparation

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