Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Year's end

Next Year I Will:
Image by Guerilla Futures Jason Tester
As 2011 wraps up, Ruidoso Public Library is open through Saturday, December 31, 2 pm.  We are only closed next Monday, January 2.

Wednesday at 4pm, you have the opportunity to join me, Jennifer, for a seminar on how to manage your library account.  That is, see when your books are due back, renew them from any computer (online) anywhere, or forestall an answering machine full of missed messages over your vacation by suspending your requested titles.

Ruidoso Public Library has many books for this time of year, whether planning new resolutions, seeking ideas for resolutions, or gathering new resources for sticking this resolution through to a new habit.
Available here

or, if you are like me and need to get out a few thank-you notes:
Book Jacket
In the Library at 179.9 Kra
The Children's Department will have a movie Wednesday morning for Pre-School Story Time at 10:30 am.

And the big teaser for next week's post: Kay Sebring-Roberts Kuhlman--you may remember her very popular shows on Bess Truman, Dale Evans, or Eleanor Roosevelt.  She will present a Chautauqua Friday, January 6 at 10 am and Saturday, January 7 at 1pm.  Join us for Marion Sloan Russell's diary of her trip along the Santa Fe Trail.  

*Edited 12/27, 5:45pm replaced Mabel Dodge Luhan with Dale Evans.  My apologies.  

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