Tuesday, December 20, 2011

The most commercial week of the year!

In honor of the shopping frenzy besieging us this week, I offer two resources to help with some high tech shopping questions.
Image at Digital Trends
First, this link or this link provide a list of questions to consider before purchasing an e-reader.  If you have, or might soon adopt a smart phone, there are (or will be) many apps to provide e-reader access on the major smartphones (Apple and Android).  I shared the first list with my mom and she reports she had more questions afterwards, which is a good thing!
Some of RPL's titles (click to enlarge)

Second, I am hosting another e-audiobook session on Wednesday, Dec 21, at 4 pm.  MP3 players (such as iPods) are a handy, last-minute gift that offers something new all year.  After the initial purchase, the library can connect you with 3,000 professional, unabridged (even current!) novels, self-help books, and juvenile titles.  This session includes a "tech petting zoo" to get a chance to hold these devices and the gadgets that help them play in the car or for a crowd.  I strongly encourage you to try out the buttons (and especially the touch-screens if you have long nails!) to find one large enough to read and control on your own.   

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