Tuesday, September 27, 2011

It's here! One-Click Digital e-audiobooks

Wednesday, from 3-5pm, meet Mark Haley, of Recorded Books, during our One-Click Digital Bonanza!  We will have swag and demonstration videos, a tech-petting zoo (handle these new-fangled devices yourself), and a chance to meet people who enjoy audiobooks.

If you are already scheduled elsewhere for that time, here are the steps to setting up your own account (or skip to the bottom for the video links).

From Ruidoso Public Library's homepage, www.youseemore.com/ruidosopl, find the e-branch tab near the top right corner. Don't click that, but as your mouse moves over it, a drop-down menu appears.  Select "e-audio downloads" (the second item).

This takes you to One-Click Digital's page for our library.  In the top right corner, select "Create New Account".  This will ask for your Ruidoso Public Library barcode number, among other questions.

You will need to install their Download Manager.  You may do that now, or will be prompted to when you download your first audiobook title.

One-Click Digital is still in development, so this is not a panacea to our digital audiobook troubles of the summer. Their homepage has a button (on the right) that reads, "Our service is currently in a testing phase" and "Click here to comment."  Please email them at support@oneclickdigital.com with screenshots and every step leading up to that situation.  Remember to include your operating system, browser, and which type of mp3 player you were using.

I have had problems I reported to them.  For example, I had to stop the install process and restart my computer because it hung up on the Microsoft .NET 4 framework.  Upon restart, I could find the file in my browser downloads and continue the installation without further hitches.  I also found that I had to log out of the Download Manager (DM) and log in again between downloading a book and transferring it to my player.  I was told to change the preferences within the DM (top left menu, Global) to NO for "Automatically transfer to device."

I do not know when One-Click Digital will leave testing.  Many online services exist in "perpetual beta," which is a nice way to say, they are responsive to any requests you have for improvements.  We also carry MP3 formatted discs at Ruidoso Public Library.  These can be saved to your computer to transfer to a player.

One-Click Digital has the steps and screenshots for creating an account and installing the DM at
and videos at
20-minute Tutorial http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5hQ5B9-65Yc
Windows 7 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dlvsVyrrUzI
Windows XP http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=th5QguOoSSE
Create New Account http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4cEOji_S95E

Please comment away below on your successes or questions.  Thank you!


  1. Email Jennifer at the library if you are using an Apple or Macintosh computer to receive the directions for this platform.

    1. Sadly, this service ended in 2012. Today we have Overdrive, which works on most devices. Please email Jennifer if you have further questions.