Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Thank you!

Ruidoso Public Library is here because of you--your support and your involvement.  

DSP 147: Thank You! 2007-10-11
Image by Vernhart
Many of you are so kind when you visit, thanking us, the staff, for doing what we love to do.  Whether this means finding a book, an online resource, learning how to use something, or connecting with a service, we are happy to help.  Your commiserations after an awkward conversation and your compliments really help me (and all of us) keep smiling.

So I just wanted to share my gratitude with you as well!  Thank you!

Here's a video, created by the American Library Association, with authors advocating for libraries.  This may be 'preaching to the choir,' but it might come in as a handy resource to share with someone who isn't in touch with their library.  
Video by the American Library Association
See you at the library!

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