Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Recycling, Climate Change, & Peace Day in Lincoln County

For those of you, who, like me, forgot that yesterday was Talk like a Pirate Day, no fear.  There are many more events of note this week.

Here at Ruidoso Public Library, Sharon has two events this Thursday and Friday.  Thursday is CarFree; if you have the luck of a sidewalk that connects you safely to work, school, or shopping, give a walk a try.  Sharon invites you to attend an event at 2pm, here, when Robert Harper will talk about climate change.  I just read Tim Flannery's The Weather Makers, (also available here) myself.

Friday at 10 am, local celebrity, J. Miller will demo the Kill-a-Watt devices you may check out for three weeks to make your own energy efficiency decisions.

September 21 is Peace Day with a walk for children around the Links.

photo by MarkHaertl on Flickr
And, best of all, Friday and Saturday: Ol' Tire Amnesty!  If you have tires to dispose of, go to All American Park in the Downs.  They also take old pots and pans, less than 17" across.  For the latest information on waste and recycling in Lincoln County, check the Twitter feed at http://twitter.com/#!/Greentreeswa.

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