Tuesday, December 7, 2010

A well-known story in a less well-known format

Fight Club 
by Chuck Palahniuk, read by Jim Colby  available through NetLibrary

Technically, I’m not breaking rule #1, because I’m talking about an audio experience, not the club, right?  J This book is about 5 ½ hours long.  That’s no longer than watching the movie twice (once with commentary).  And who hasn’t done that?  But hearing the author’s words adds more depth and texture to several of the characters.  Plus, you have the insight (if this isn’t your first Fight Club) to look for those clues about, “Who is Tyler Durdan?”  If you’ve never heard much about Fight Club, this book is a commentary on “a generation of boys raised by women.”  The lead character’s father was a rare influence in his life, and he feels, in the life of many characters in the book.  Fight Club looks at what makes humanity and how to feel alive, rather than merely running with the crowd.

The audiobook experience can be more intense for some listeners. Afterall, when reading violent scenes or vulgar language, we can skim or rephrase; but when the words are spoken aloud, it is different.