Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Book Review: Dental Floss for the Mind

Dental floss for the mind : a complete program for boosting your brain power / Michel Noir and Bernard Croisile.
153. 076 Noi

Ever feel like you’re not as sharp as you once were?  This book may, at first, confirm the feeling, but with steady exercise, you’ll get your brain back in shape.  Dental Floss includes logic puzzles, memory challenges, visual experiments, vocabulary contests, and many others.  You can keep score based on how quickly and how accurately you answer each element.  Some puzzles can be read aloud, others need to be seen.  You can follow a map that hops throughout the book, gaining a variety of challenges, or stay within a certain type of trial to build that skill set.  I found this a very enjoyable way to spend thirty minutes to an hour in the evening.  It might even be fun at a party, with teams!  Several of the contests could even be fun for kids and young adults—a cross-generational option for holiday soirrees.