Monday, October 28, 2013

Cookbook varieties

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This time of year, cooking is a frequent topic at the library.  Perhaps it is the bounty of the harvest in need of preservation or the cooler weather inviting more activity near a stove.  While handmade Halloween treats have become a rarity outside of family and friends, Ruidoso Public Library has a few cookbooks, entertainment books, and friendly librarians ready to help search for an ideal creation.

Dia de los Muertos offers many cultural staples to cook, from sugar skulls to pan de muerto.  Veterans Day may not have touchstone cuisine yet, but library shelves offer many colorful, detailed windows on history's events.  Thanksgiving plans are a piece of pie with entertainment books, cookbooks, and history, too.

Our shelves offer books for cooking with children, creating science experiments, or step-by-step pictures for the complete kitchen novice.

Book Jacket

With ski season around the corner, The Ski House Cookbook caught my eye.

Book Jacket   Book Jacket    Book Jacket

Cookbooks cover medical conditions, too.  If you know someone coping with chemotherapy, one book focuses on how to appeal to a waning appetite and unpredictable stomach with food's texture, color, or taste.  Vegetarianism, diabetes, and allergies are topics of other cookbooks on the shelf.

P.S.:  Daylight Savings Time ends this weekend.  Luckily the clocks "Fall" back an hour this time, so sleep in or enjoy an extra hour of your favorite hobby.

P.P.S: Come early Wednesday for the Hawks Aloft presentation as seating may be at a premium.  If you can drop in today or tomorrow, sign up in advance with Sharon at the front desk.

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