Monday, April 15, 2013

Taxes, done for another year

face shocked by clock time

Taxes are due by midnight tonight.

This link shows the addresses for individuals to mail in federal returns:
A pocketwatch sneaks up to the finish line

This link lets you request more time:
See the "Can't make the April 15 deadline?" above the blue boxes.

This link explains whether you need to file a return at all:

This link explains the online filing steps and items to gather:

This link explores your options if you are a small business owner or self-employed:'t-Filed-an-Income-Tax-Return%3F-Here's-What-to-Do

This link explains what to expect when filing/paying late:

And the really important question: Where's My Refund?

At the New Mexico State Taxation and Revenue Department:
The page links to everything:
online forms,
paper forms (to print out),
refund status,
and where to mail the paper and payment.

Remember, if you file and pay electronically, New Mexico's deadline is April 30.

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