Monday, April 8, 2013

Meet Carla Morrow of DragonLady Art Studio

Ruidoso Public Library provides a public place for local artists. This is an opportunity for local artists to increase their audience by reaching people who may not have a chance or plan to visit art galleries.
Carla describes her influence and process:

I exhibit at several conventions annually.  If the price of an original is out of your reach, I produced my own giclee prints and mattes, each signed and numbered.  

The week before a show I'm usually working from the moment I get up till  2-3am …Part of me didn't want to work on show stuff at all, but just sit and draw out all the new ideas that are flooding thought my brain. Many too quickly to catch, d[e]sp[i]te my best efforts. … I have been working hard on getting my own work better on a technical level, and I'm looking forward to continuing that goal throughout next year. Not that one should ever stop trying to better themselves, but I'm really focused on getting better quality, more believable work into the world. And I'm feeling really darn good about it!

...As a child I enrolled in every art class I could, which wasn't many. The few that I did manage to get into I enjoyed to the fullest. Once out of high school I attended college, but [followed a mentor’s advice and] dropped out quickly to pursue my own study. I have since spent the past few years seeking out all the info I could on painting, drawing, and anatomy studies. 

…I have amassed a fairly large artbook library. (It’s one of my addictions, I LOVE good artbooks...and even some that are just "ok".) And most of them I have learned SOMETHING from. I have a long way to go, and many more books to read, videos to watch, but I feel good about the direction I am headed in, and am hopeful and positive that the information that I need is out there and someone else has been through it and shared their experiences. 

     ...Dragons hold a unique position in my heart. Why Dragons? They are one of the few truly universal icons and images of mankind. In every culture, as far back as [I] can find, Dragons have existed. They meant different things to different peoples, but always, they were there. Some created the universe and our world, some just the lakes, rivers and oceans, and others the mountains and landscapes we call home. Yet still others sought to destroy, and became Gods of chaos. Religion, philosophy, Myth and even History all carry shadows of the Dragon. Even in our days the dragon still has a firm grip on our waking and sleeping minds. Through the written word, and even games and advertisements, Dragons still fly though our imaginations and sing in our hearts.
     ...People ask my often if I see the dragons that I bring into the world. I do, I see them everywhere, from the movies that I watch to the books that I read. They are always there, watching us. They have just taken a different form.

Please visit us through mid-May to see Carla's work in person.  If you are out of town you can see her work at

P.S. Just a reminder, the Children's Department is still looking for hard plastic lids for toy car tires, especially those on milk jugs or juices.  The list for summer reading program activities now includes:
plastic mesh (around fruit at the grocer's)

styrofoam trays (the kind under meats or produce at the store)
oatmeal containers
metal coffee cans (1 to 2 lb and 5 lb)
scrap 2x4s (about 5 inches)
net bags (the orange mesh around fruit and root vegetables)
everlasting flowers, or fresh flowers to dehydrate into everlasting displays
the rolls in wrapping paper or paper towels

P.P.S.  Tomorrow is your last chance to RSVP for the class on how to use a touchscreen.  More information here.

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