Monday, February 11, 2013

More in Universal Class: Health

Maybe you visited the Village's health fair last month?  The library had a table loaded with flyers and posters and bookmarks on the different ways the library can help you understand and explore health issues.  If you didn't, this blogpost is an excellent alternative because much of the same material is below.  As a library, we are not health experts and cannot advise.  We can connect you with the county health office [575-258-3252], the state's nursing hotline [ 1(877) 725-2552], or other reliable sources of information.  As with legal questions, please visit us at the library and let us know if you would like a little more privacy (such as the Archive Room) to ask your questions, or reach out to us through email.

Outside of the articles, nursing specific, and direct-from-the-government's National Institute of Health tutorials, videos, FAQs, and guides, the library provides you access to classes to explore health topics, too.  As mentioned in earlier posts, these classes are free to you, start whenever you are ready, and go as fast or slow as you need.  There may be videos to watch or text to read online (or print and keep for later reference).  The instructor may suggest other sites for further exploration and assignments to help you apply the new knowledge.

This is a list of the more health-focused courses among the 500 available.  Each is a link to open the course (you will need your library barcode number and your email to create an account in order to start).

Reiki 1st and 2nd Degree

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