Monday, August 20, 2012

Part 3: Making Sense of the Stacks: 700s

The 700s: The Fine and Decorative Arts

Antiques being sold on Colaba Causeway
Photo of antiques at Wikimedia
Melvil Dewey did not have movies, pop music, or RV'ing in his library, but these have joined the 700s since. Antiques, collectibles, graphic novels, and quilting books are also in this section.
Image by Quiltpatch
The 700s are even more diverse because they also cover boxing (796.8), gambling/card games (795.4), cheer-leading (791.64), and horse racing (798.4).  In short, if it is art (painting), crafts (needlework), music (how-to, lyrics, or memoirs), or sports, it is probably in the 700s.

Sports icon
image at Wikimedia Commons
A tricky topic is architecture and construction.  The artistic design elements are in the 720s but the technical, do-it-yourself books are in the 690s (which I'll cover next week).

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