Monday, April 9, 2012

Budgeting for end of life choices, anorexia discussion, & Rainwater Harvesting @your Library

This week, the Money Smart presentation is by Danny Sisson of La Grone Funeral Chapel.  On Thursday from 4-5 pm he will explore the costs involved in funerals and memorials.  The US Federal Trade Commission and the library being a public/government building puts Mr Sisson in a bit of a tight spot.  The FTC requires any funeral director to provide a list of costs upon request; at the same time, the library cannot look like it is supporting any one company or providing advertising space.  So, this is a great session to learn the general issues of what to ask about and how to plan, but if you have specific questions about La Grone's specific prices, we ask that you contact Danny at a later time and place.  Thank you for understanding.

Another possibility to consider, that may be planet wise as well as financially smart, is Green Funerals. I talked with my mom about several variations and she remains open to (as she puts it) "whatever is easiest for you" (since I'll be there).  I know funerals and death are very difficult topics of conversation, but as a daughter, I am grateful my parents bit the bullet and let me know a few of their feelings.  Sometimes the discussions happened while driving to or from a memorial service, other times just when driving past a cemetery.  Just don't let it get you down for too long.

Friday at 10 am, local author Carol Keys will discuss her books, "Sharing Moments Over Tea" & "Behind Her Smile: A Mother's Walk Through Her Daughter's Anorexia."  

Saturday morning, Jim Miller will share his presentation on Rainwater Harvesting.  This information is often part of a course he teaches at ENMU-Ruidoso, so if you haven't made that yet, this is a great introduction.  Calculate how much rainwater your roof collects. Decide how many gallons your showers or landscape could use in a year.  Bring your questions.

On a lighter note, Spring has sprung at the library!

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