Monday, February 6, 2012

Online security ideas and Thursday watch A Murder of Crows

This Thursday at 4pm, please join Sharon for PBS Nature's A Murder of Crows.  BYOP (bring your own popcorn) and children welcome!

While the title sounds violent, murder is the technical term for a flock when describing crows.  For a quick taste of how intelligent crows are, below is a youtube video of a crow sledding genius!

At the library, I get a lot of questions about passwords and online security.  I wanted to share two sites that describe a few ways to increase your odds of having a strong password; though as one blogger said, "The only strong password is one you can't remember either."  First, The Daring Librarian created this poster explaining some of the how's and why's of online/password security.  Second, LifeHacker pulled together their top seven posts and a poster explaining password security.  

We have two books at the library covering this security, For Seniors and for parents.  Please email me if you are looking for additional materials or self-teaching sites for students or yourself.

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