Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Library Day at New Mexico's Legistature; Resume Reviews at Workforce Solutions; and birds @your library

Libraries need you!
Thursday, February 2nd, is Library Day at New Mexico's Roundhouse in Santa Fe.

New Mexico State Capitol

If you happen to be in Santa Fe, please, stop by the Roundhouse and stand up for libraries in New Mexico.

If that drive is not on your list, can you spare a phone call? Please visit the NM Legislature website to look up your representative's and senator's phone number.

I was an intern in an legislative office, back in college, and learned that legislators notice when the phones are all ringing.  You don't have to say anything witty or long, just let the staff know why you are calling.  Emails count, too, though they may hide in an e-mail inbox.  Every call, letter, and email supports libraries.

If you are looking for help with your resume', Workforce Solutions offers a workshop, today from noon-2 pm and the last Tuesday of each month.   Call  (575) 257-9296 for more information.  Workforce Solutions is now located on White Mountain Drive, in the complex with Sierra Vista Primary and White Mountain Elementary Schools.

Thursday at 4pm, Ruidoso Public Library hosts the Lincoln County Bird Club.  Join us (kids welcome, too!) to learn how to identify our local feathered friends.  

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