Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Cirque Du Freak - The Vampire Assistant

ABOUT THE MOVIE: Darren Shan is a regular teenage kid. He and his friend Steve find out about a Freak Show coming to town an work hard at trying to find tickets. They do, and together they go to "Cirque du Freak" where they see many strange acts including a wolf-man and a bearded lady. Steve and Darren think that it is all a joke until a vampire, Larten Crepsley comes on with a very poisonous spider that he makes do tricks. When Steve sees this man he freaks out a bit but won't tell Darren why. After the show, Steve tells Darren to go home, and that he will follow later. Darren says yes but instead sneaks upstairs to see what Steve is up to. He sees Steve talking to Mr. Crepsley and overhears their conversation. Steve tells Mr. Crepsley that he knows that his real name is Vur Horston an is a Vampire and he tells Larten that he would like to join him and become an apprentice.
In theaters Obtober 23rd
This film is based on The Cirque Du Freak Series By: Darren Shan

Drink human blood? Disgusting! But if Darren Shan wants to stay alive, he's got no other choice.

Darren just wants to be normal; he wants to have friends, get along with his parents and basically fit in. Life was pretty normal until he attended a freak show with his best friend Steve. Steve got himself mixed up with a vampire, and when he was involved in a near-fatal accident, Darren became a half-vampire to save him.

My thoughts – This looks like a good movie something I am sure I will watch. Since I read the “twilight Saga” I’ve gotten into the whole vampire are back in novels. I am looking forward on reading the books. You know what they say…the books are always better than the movies.

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