Saturday, May 30, 2009


We welcome you to join our cool new teen area that is proudly intoduced by Laura our Teen librarian.

Here is where the fun begains! This is the first summer that our library provides a
summer reading program for teens and we want you to have fun.
June Events include
book and a movie: you will read the book and then watch a movie and
an there's a cool suprise close to the end.
Artistic Story Starters: you will use your creative thinking on this one.
Espresso You/Coffee House: You will make frappacino's and go outside and use
coffee to paint pictures on paper.
Perfect Playlist: Choose a book and you will provide a playlist for it.

Sign-ups will begin on Tuesday, June 2nd from 10AM to 1PM.
Please call for Upcoming Events or more fun news. 575-258-3704

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