Monday, September 23, 2013

Big plans this fall in the Children's Library

Cheryl and Kari Dawn have big ideas for this fall's programs and events. For example, tune in next month for more information about a visit from Hawks Aloft, Oct 30.

Artificial Christmas tree

Cheryl is looking for two 9-foot tall pine trees (hopefully the reusable kind that come in boxes).  If your tree set is missing a few branches, even better.  Please call before you dig it out of storage--we only have room for two.

This year marks the fifteenth anniversary of the first printing of Harry Potter.  Back-to-school, Halloween, Fall, and Winter themes around the Children's Library may appear familiar to readers of JK Rowling's series.  I don't have photos yet to share of this work in progress, so please check back.

Speaking of Harry Potter, my sister tells me that if I explore, eventually I will find Professor McGonagall's story!  This is Ms Rowling's official website.  Aside from finding a House and a wand, it can also be a social network.  The US Federal Trade Commission (FTC) posted a blog last month about talking with your kids (or nieces, nephews, cousins, friends) about how to be safe online.  Here is their recent post about things to think about in teaching online safety.

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