Monday, July 22, 2013

Sample these titles for free on your computer, phone, or e-reader

Major publishers want to whet your reading appetite.  Check out this link for excerpts and first chapters of new books.  These titles will receive a lot of advertising and media-hype hoping to catch your eye.  If you have the time, let us know in the comments whether (after reading several) they deserve attention on par with the media campaigns.
A similar title from last year is available if the titles or authors catch your eye and/or jog your memory for last year's blockbuster books.
If the image above does not load, then try looking for Buzz Books 2013 at your favorite online ebook store (Amazon's Kindle, Barnes & Noble's Nook, iBookstore, Kobo, Sony, Google Play, Powell's, etc.).  The ISBN is 9780985491086.
Library staff are not able to read, review, or even hear about every new book available.  (This article offers a quick explanation of just how many books are released every year.)  Marie adds over 3,000 titles each year to Ruidoso Public Library's shelves.  When publishers release over 300,000 new books (not counting self-published or anniversary releases), it is easy to see how 1% looks lovely on our shelves, but is only a single drop in a very large bucket.  We welcome your insight and input on which titles to watch.

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