Monday, June 10, 2013

What's a Level 1 Restriction in the forest?

When I read about the fire restrictions in the newspaper, I wondered: "What do all the fire restriction levels mean?"
Smokey says Prevent Forest Fires  An Official War Message

Ruidoso can be a confusing place because some of the trees and hillside are on US Forest Service land, some inside the Village, some bordering areas are tribal, and much of the rest is county or state land.  The sites listed below are an effort to clarify what you may (not) do depending on which part of the forest you are in, and how the restrictions compare to other levels (number or issuing agency).
Nice, clear documents listing each level of restriction separately.
Latest updates on public lands announcements in the state.

Ruidoso's specifically:
Find out what today's restrictions are.  Scroll to the bottom for links to details of what each means.

These next two are pulled up from last year to ensure your bookmarks are current
Lists all the current fires in the state and updates on progress
Lists each public land (forest, park, etc) with its current restrictions, then, further down, lists the definitions of each type of fire restriction.
Dumping pail of water on a campfire, Smokey Says  Care will prevent nine out of ten woods fires!

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