Monday, June 24, 2013

Pictures of 2013 Summer Reading Program (and don't forget the free lunch)

Cheryl and Kari Dawn are blazing new trails this summer.

One new element is the free lunches, provided by The Boys & Girls Club of Sierra Blanca for anyone under 18 years old.  If you have any questions, such as when or other locations, call 808-8338.  These are available every weekday, all summer long, until school starts again in August.

Three librarians welcoming readers to Summer
Sharon, Kari Dawn, and Cheryl set up for Summer Reading

golden volunteer in beads and feathers
Civil War Cavalry officer and mount

Bandana, beads, and feathers

Cowboy in saddle with lasso
Brice Chapman

cowboy standing in saddle, ahorse
Brice Chapman 

Ms Golightly smiling
Ms Golightly

Cheryl in dress and fascinator
Cheryl loves fascinators

in costume, measuring rope for crafts
Kari Dawn has a fascinator, too

Summer Reading Program: Blazing new trails
Civil War Cavalry officer

visitors in lawn chairs
Brice Chapman's audience

cowboy standing on horse, spinning lasso
Brice Chapman

children seated on lawn
Summer Reading Storyteller

The summer has only just begun.  Check the Children's Page or library calendar for what's happening today or tomorrow, through July 31.

More pictures available at the library's photobucket:
Ruidoso Public Library_'s  album on Photobucket

If the slideshow does not load above, the link is:   Please let us know if there is a problem with a picture.


  1. Hey, this is really neat. I love the costumes. How's come everyone at the library doesn't dress up, huh?
    Love all you guys!!!
    Joyce gibson

    1. Thank you, Joyce, Cheryl and Kari Dawn certainly enjoy it!