Monday, October 15, 2012

A book review from a patron

In the eighteen months I have been publishing for this blog, I am thrilled to announce the first book review from a patron!  I would post more exclamation points, but that might reflect poorly on the library.

Now I can share the immortal words of Levar Burton (Reading Rainbow, PBS) in suggesting a book: "But you don't have to take my word for it.":

A Discovery of Witches by Deborah Harkness
Book Jacket

(Transcribed with permission by the reviewer)
Ah, Ms. Librarian,

When I first started this book, I read the first thirty pages and thought I will never get into this book.  As is my custom, I read the last two chapters of the book and was intrigued.  It is a rather large volume, so I opened it randomly in the middle and read.  It was wondrous!  I turned back to page 31 and commenced to read and read and read.

It is a multi-layered book, making it appeal to sci-fi lovers, historians, philosophers, mystery lovers and the intellectual.  Ms. Harkness is an exceptional author for while her entire premise is outlandish she brings it into the realm of possibility.  By the unique virtue of her characters she takes on modern day prejudices and asks the ultimate questions of why and why not.  She gives qualities to fearsome creatures that make her readers want to understand, want to help, want to change the situations, want to fight.

Had you not asked me my opinion of this book, I might have quit after the first 30 pages.  That would have been a total loss, my loss.  It is not just a good read.  It is a fantastic journey.  Would I like to read the next installment?  Oh, yes, please.
Thanks for asking--NH

And thank you for sharing!  The sequel, Shadow of Night, is available, though you may need to request your turn.  A Discovery of Witches is also available, unabridged, on CD.

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