Monday, September 17, 2012

Part 7: Making Sense in the Stacks, 300s

Welcome to the 300s (no, not the movie about the Spartans)

Social Sciences are covered in the 300s, which means, if it's drug, sex, or violence, look here.
Book Jacket   Book Jacket  Book Jacket

In drugs, the legislation, study of hippies or beatniks, social problems, or statistics are gathered in 300s, but the chemistry and medical uses are in 540s and 610s.

The 300s cover sexuality, including court case history, social problems, and social services.

And violence makes several appearances, from true crime (364.152), to The Confessions of an Economic Hitman (330s); from military science (350s) to Brothers Grimm fairy tales (398.2).
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The 300s are not just fun and games.  This is also the place to find legal guides (340s: how to write a will, file a divorce), career advice and guides (331), financial advice (332.024), or secondary education information.  Education, 370s, ranges from exam (SAT, ACT, GED) preparation, to homeschooling guides, from college selection to scholarship guides. Of course, Dewey is never that simple: athletic scholarship information is actually in 796.

Some other favorites in the 300s:
General social sciences at 301: Book Jacket
Espionage and intelligence secrets 327: Book Jacket

Commerce, Communications, and Transportation 380s: Book Jacket

Costumes, Customs, and Etiquette 390s:Book Jacket
However, etiquette for exes is under 641.

This week's service announcement: Music Film festival. Movies at noon every day through September 26. And live, local music Thursday night at 6pm.

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