Monday, July 30, 2012

County Fair Time

Next Monday is the first day of the Lincoln County Fair.  If you (or your kids) made something this past year, you can enter it from 4pm until 7pm, Aug. 6, in Capitan.  This year's Summer Reading Program prompted many participants to create potential entries.   

There are open contests for kids under 16, another category for 16 year olds and over, and a Senior category, 65+.  If you have made it, there is a class to enter it.  There's a class for crayon (by subject), bread dough (did anyone make a dragon?), wearable art (t-shirts or shoes), any sculpture, a decorated book or scrapbook.  If you have a last minute, bake a pie, preserve some fruit, or simply display your garden's finest (or biggest) gourd, pod, or flower.  

As you have to pick up your entries Saturday, why not make a day of it?  There's a stick horse race, a costume class for a variety of haltered animals, and a pet show.  If you just finished the Doggie Fashion Show, show off your outfit to a new crowd--OR--if your pet is non-canine, here's a chance to show your goat, llama, cat, etc.

Young lady and her swine with ribbon and 4-H sign in back
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The county fair's auction on Friday night is a chance to shop-local and support local kids (contribute to their college funds).  You don't need an empty freezer to bid: you may donate your purchase to charity.  There are fruit pies for sale.  You may join a bidder's pool and decide how to share out your purchase, or simply donate money to help these 4-H'ers recuperate the project's costs.

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