Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Game Wardens and a 9/11 responder this week (also an update on One Click Digital for Apple)

Thursday, 4pm, meet two of New Mexico's Game Wardens at the library.  They will explore some of the local wildlife and answer your questions.  Children welcome, too.
Image at NM Dept of Game and Fish

Do you have a nuisance animal?  What is a safe practice around squirrels?  Come found out!

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Friday morning at 10 am, local Bill Dement will discuss his book, Delay, Deny, Hope They Die. This is the story of a disabled 9/11 first responder, a former police Lieutenant, N.Y.P.D., who describes himself as an Ordinary Joe.  Learn about the man, two days shy of completing the retirement home he was building in New Mexico, who responded to the World Trade Center disaster. It vividly depicts his months at Ground Zero and more.  

If you have an Apple computer or product, this may be the update you've been waiting for.  One Click Digital has a new release of the Download Manager and the directions for MacIntosh/Apple users to work around within their own systems. 

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