Tuesday, August 9, 2011

New Website @ Ruidoso Public Library

I hope you have had a chance to try out Ruidoso Public Library's upgraded online-catalog (search service).  We are still located at youseemore.com/ruidosopl, only now we have added features to search for books.  The library staff looks forward to answering any questions you have about the new system. This website is graphic-intensive, so it may take several moments to load on dial-up.  For dial-up patrons, the classic search layout is still an option, just to the right of the search bar. 

Our favorite part at the library is the "Book River" which is a rolling displays of book covers the librarians are currently highlighting.  The titles will change with special events or other themes.
The results have a new layout.  You can sort by:
format (DVD, audio, book), 
age (adult, 10-14, 2-4, etc), 
publication year (2011, 2009), 
and many more facets. 

If you have a favorite author, please sign up to receive an email when a new title arrives.  You can request it, too.  You can save searches for later or browse book covers by genre (mystery, Christian, suspense, historical, etc).  

This search can suggest alternate spellings for tricky words or names.

Ruidoso Public Library is social now, too.  Feel free to tag your favorite story, or add tags to books you have read.  This helps other searchers decide on a title.  These tags could be “fudge recipe” or “training collies” for a novel that also includes such details. 

The first page has added a graphic, Scout, to the right of the search bar.  Scout looks like a dog and helps our youngest visitors find books through pictures of subjects, topics, or ideas.  Scout organizes books by series and only displays books in the juvenile and young adult sections.  

   If you haven't had a chance to watch someone young use Scout, it is a delight!  Please let us know your favorite new feature in the comments:

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