Tuesday, July 26, 2011

e-Audio headaches

Ruidoso Public Library's e-audiobook provider, NetLibrary, terminated last Tuesday.  EBSCO-host picked up the service, but Ruidoso Public Library will be switching to One-Click Audio by September.  The audiobook titles you are used to are still available through our catalog; however, EBSCO-host requires that you "create an account" with them first.  This should be possible from home, or feel free to visit the library in person.

From your home computer, visit youseemore.com/ruidosopl.  Look for the e-branch tab on the far right, above the search bar.  As your mouse moves on that tab, click the second row, "e-audio downloads."

This should redirect you to a page requesting your library barcode number.  After entering that there, the next screen will have a 'sign in' option in the top right corner.  Click there.

Now look for a "create a new account" option slightly lower in the top right.  Enter a username, password, and security question/answer.

You will need to download EBSCO-hosts download manager before you may download an audiobook.  The site guides you through the process.  Over the weekend, I noticed the EBSCO-host site was not as easy to search, browse, or generally move around on.

This is only a stop-gap measure while we wait for One-Click Digital to come online. If you can wait until September to download your next audiobooks from One-Click Digital, that company will require their own username/password registration and download manager software installation.

This has been awkward, and I greatly appreciate your patience as we migrate our digital audiobook service.

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