Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Teen Tech Week 2011

This Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, 4-5 pm: Teen Tech Week

TTW is an opportunity for Ruidoso Public Library to focus on Ruidoso's teens--mid-school, high-school, and home school.

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Tuesday at 4 pm, Evan Stubbs presents Wikipedia--how to edit and create pages, such as a stub for Ruidoso Public Library.

Wednesday at 4 pm, Francie Bergener introduces animoto, glogster, and xtranormal--create stories and music videos of your favorite book or your own story, ready to share online.  Check out Jennifer's animoto.

image by Black Glenn
Thursday at 4 pm, Tech Zoo:  A chance to share your tech devices, see other gadgets, and connect with Ruidoso Public Library's online, downloadable audiobooks or other ebook formats.

Add a comment if we can expect to see you this week!  Especially for Thursday's Pizza!  Thanks!

We hope to see you at the library, so please: DNT TXT N DRV :-)  If you don't believe this video, try your luck with this game.

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