Tuesday, January 4, 2011

New Year, New People

2011 has brought a few changes to Ruidoso Public Library.  Many of us have new duties (such as I, Jennifer, on the blog) and we have a new lady to meet, Kari Dawn (her interview will follow in two weeks).

Hi, my name is Jennifer Stubbs.  I work at Ruidoso Public Library (and have for 20 months), but have just
started blogging.  I followed my younger sister's footsteps into library work.  She also introduced me to graphic novels, but is much more avid about them.  I graduated from New Mexico State University (Las Cruces) where I marched sousaphone in the Pride Band.  Since then I worked in Boston and Germany.

If you have a research project, please find one of us at the library--the more lead time you give us, the better able we are to show you what resources we have or can bring in. My favorite is our online database of research journals--including Chilton's automotive manuals and Point-Counterpoint--some of which you can listen to instead of read!