Monday, October 11, 2010

Travel the World @ your Library

Your ticket to another land

Destination, Departure 
Date & Tour Guide:

For all tours: Gate # is Children’s Classroom at the Ruidoso Public Library.
Time of departure 2pm. Travel time: 1 & 1/2 hours.

October 6 (to 3:30) Amsterdam, Delft (Holland), Brussells, Paris, London

Travel with Judy Pekelsma, M.F.A, and her Art 293 class to explore the Art of Impressionists. The class toured museums, statues &drew/journaled everyday. See previews of Spain —Barcelona, Seville, Madrid & Bilboa — the art class trip this year. You may want to sign up!

October 20 New Zealand

Travel with Herb Brunnell through his stunning photos taken with an experienced eye + his passion for photography. Learn what Herb learned about this country and what he found out he should have learned while there.

November 3 Climb the Alps in Bavaria & Austria, from Garmisch to Zugspitze

Travel with Jennifer AW Stubbs, M.S., while she was working in Europe for the military & had the opportunity of a lifetime to explore many countries. Her Alps climb includes stunning vistas only hardy hikers have the opportunity to see.

November 17 Tour western Turkey - Troy, Istanbul, Ankara, Aegean Sea, Antalya

Travel with Paul Durham, M.A., retired educator from NM & CA Group discussion encouraged during presentation on current events & history. See King Midas Tomb & more.