Thursday, June 17, 2010

Teen Pirate HUNT

AHOY, Me Mateys! Come to the fun treasure hunt and test your mad pirate skills! So draw your swords and be prepared to battle to the death to find the very last clue, and the treasure that is hidden just for you!

This program is open to grades 6-12, we will be spending the afternoon following completely fun and crazy instructions to get to the treasure. You will get a copy of a compass and your first clue when you sign the pirate log. The doing funky steps, hops, and runs (oh yes, I have gotten VERY creative), you will go throughout the Library in search of your treasure.

This craziness takes place on Friday, June 18th at any time between 2pm and 3:30pm! Want to be really crazy? Come in with a group of your friends and race each other to see who can find the treasure first. This is a crazy fun time that you really DON'T want to miss!

See you soon, mate!