Wednesday, January 6, 2010



To Create an Account:
Please sit at one of our public terminals (Userful or Microsoft) and follow these steps:
1. Log on.
2. Open Firefox or Explorer.
3. RPL homepage: Tab “Downloads |e-Library”: eAudiobooks.
4. Upper Right: “Create a Free Account”.
5. Create your own Username , password, security question and answer, name, and email.
6. Then click “Create Account”.

Wait to receive the email. Then log in through

There are demo videos for eBooks and eAudiobooks from “Help” (upper right) even before you create an account (though not a demo for creating an account). Help also lists how to deal with Windows Vista 64-bit and changing the security settings on Explorer 8.

Each account may access up to 10 eAudiobooks simultaneously. Each book is accessible for 21 days (3 weeks) and is renewable. eBooks have no limits (at present) because you only access the book online.

Download may be fastest/least troublesome by downloading to your PC first, then transferring to your player at a later time.

Downloading eAudiobooks:
As for downloading books, that only happens at home (not on the public terminals at all). Windows Media Player 11 (run your computer’s updates to make sure you have WMP11) works (or iTunes for Apple) but the NetLibrary Media Center software/download may work faster at home.
1. Find your book. Select it.
2. Select “Download the eAudiobook”.
3. Select CD quality for a player or radio quality to stay on your computer.
4. To use WMP11, just look for the small hyperlink under the NetLibrary Media Center ad.
5. You can play it from WMP11. Or:
6. To transfer to a player, open WMP11, (and after following your player’s instructions!) plug in your player.
7. Use WMP11’s window to drag the book from WMP11’s library/file to your player.
8. Select “Sync”.

To Browse for an eAudiobook:
1. Log in
2. On the right find: eAudiobooks : Browse by Subject
3. All subjects are listed on the right
4. Or search by keyword, title, author, subject, narrator, or duration.

24/7 Technical Support 1.800.848.5800 - Also

Free-Audiobooks class

Check with us in September
Learn how to use your MP3/iPod
and the library's NEW eAudiobook and eBook service from NetLibrary.
Program Location: Library's Archive Room