Monday, November 30, 2009

As you all have heard Cirque Du Freak - The Vampires Assistant hit theaters on October 23rd.

Being the second book in the amazing series, Darren Shan's nightmare begins in book number one A living Nightmare, when Darren's best friend, Steve, finds a flier for an illegal freak show, which they sneak out one night to attend. Among acts such as a wolf-man (who bites off the hand of a woman in the audience) and a snake-boy, they see Mr. Crepsley and his trained poisonous spider, Madame Octa. Steve recognizes Mr. Crepsley from a book on vampires and, to Darren's horror, confronts him after the show and asks to be made a vampire.
Mr. Crepsley rejects Steve, saying, "You are evil! ... I can taste the menace in your blood. You are savage." But Darren, who loves spiders, returns another night and steals Madame Octa. When Steve is bitten by her, only Mr. Crepsley has an antidote to her poison. But there's a price, one that will change Darren's life.

Cirque Du Freak The Saga Of Darren Shan
A living nightmare (book 1)
The vampire's Assistant (book 2)
Tunnels of Blood (book 3)
Vampires Mountain (book 4)
Trials of Death (book 5)
The Vampire Prince (book 6)
Hunters of the Dusk (book 7)
Allies of the Night (book 8)
Killers of the Dawn (book 9)
The Lake of Souls (book 10)
Lord of the Shadows (book 11)
Sons of Destiny (book 12)

My Review: I really enjoyed this book i read it durning the thanksgiving break and really took my time, knowing i didn't have book II i wasn't really happy about finishing the first one. It's well written and it's fun. I am now in book three "Tunnels of Blood" and well lets just say the same story continues about Darren Shan not wanting to drink human blood because he doesn't want to be evil and lose what remains of his human self. Lets see if i can continue with the series. (eight more books to go)