Wednesday, September 16, 2009

New 'Da Vinci Code Book' to break publishing record

More than 6.5 million copies have been printed of the highly anticipated sequel to the 2003 mega hit, as book stores around the world brace themselves for an unprecedented stampede from hungry fans.

As well as being one of the largest first print runs in publishing history, an electronic version of the novel, which took Brown five years to write, will be released on the same day.
It is also already at the top of Amazon’s best seller list.

“The Lost Symbol” features the star of the series Robert Langdon, the Harvard University professor, returning to solve another, as yet disclosed, mystery.

The cover of the book, the third in a series featuring Langdon, shows the Capitol in Washington and a wax seal containing a double-headed phoenix, the numeral 33, and the words "ordo ae chao," Latin for "order to chaos."

-One thing we should all keep in mind is that these amazing books are FICTION and entertainment. They won't provide you with answers to major life questions.

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