Friday, September 11, 2009

A Mrs. Skorupski Story

Our Librarian won't tell us ANYTHING
A Mrs. Skorupski Story

About the Book: "Mrs. Skorupski won't tell you ANYTHING!" That's what Carmen, a fourth-grader at Liberty Elementary, tells everyone about the school librarian. Fortunately, her new classmate Robert doesn't believe her and marches right over to ask Mrs. Skorupski question after question. Mrs. Skorupski's eyes twinkle and her rhinestone glasses sparkle as she leads Robert to the tools he need to find the answers. Carmen scowls as she watches Robert become a Library Success Story, but eventually comes around as she realizes that Mrs. Skoruoski can teach them ANYTHING!

This book is actually being read to all the kids attending our September field trip.

To learn more about Mrs. Skorupski or the Author go to

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