Friday, September 4, 2009

Day in the life of a Librarian

Sharon Stewart - Program Coordinator Librarian

Sharon's days are a little different, since she only has a program once every other month. So we'll just include what happens on a typical program day.

In this picture Sharon is on a book hunt to put together a Remember 9-11 display.

9AM - Arrive to work, put a big red "TODAY" on the flyer for the program today. Followed by getting books in from the outside bookdrop, check them in and put them back on the shelf.

10AM - Set up the Archive room as needed for the presentation. This includes chairs, extra tables or a projector, etc.

11:45AM - Direct guests to the Archive Room for the program.
12PM - Introduce the speaker to the audience. I listen to the program and stay available to help at the front desk if needed.

1pm - go to lunch
2PM - come back from lunch. Put up the chairs and restore the Archive Room to its normal use.

3pm - Man the front desk, help patrons, check out or reference questions. Help people on Public Computers. (12 Adult) Work on press release for new Artisit on display in the Library for Art in Public Places. Three photographers are on display for the next 3 months. Take down down book display pertaining to program and set up a new one. We process new books and put them in the new item shelves.

5:30PM - get ready to close up and go home.

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